Techniques For Killing Honey Bees

Honey bees are not aggressive unless they find the need to protect their hive or have a large community. In fact, honey bees are most likely to swarm and sting when a member of the hive has been killed.

Killing honey bees releases a chemical that signals to the other bees that there is danger. Bees will swarm when this signal is detected making them far more dangerous than normal.

Getting rid of honey bees or a hive is also not the preferred method for getting rid of bees. Not only do honey bees play and essential role in our ecosystem by aiding pollination, but they are also a valuable source of commerce. Honey production is a huge industry and most beekeepers will remove a hive or honey bees without doing any harm to the bees free of charge.

However, there are some times when killing honey bees is necessary:

– When a bee infestation has occurred and bees have created large hives that are unmanageable. The greater the number of bees, the greater the threat.
– If a hive is located in a structure like a home or other type of building which presents an increased risk to humans.
– Where people who have bee allergies live near a hive.

There are a number of options available that will kill bees effectively:

1. Insecticides

Chemical insecticides that are effective at eliminating bees permanently are available from hardware stores. However, it is important to be aware that insecticides will not only eliminate bees but other insect or creatures and have a severe negative impact on the environment. Chemicals also pose a hazard to humans, especially young children and your pets. Insecticides are the most effective at killing bees but the pros and cons should be weighed up carefully before taking this route. It is also recommended to contact a bee removal specialist to reduce the risks of using insecticides.

2. Home-made Insecticide Spray

A solution of liquid dish washing detergent, vinegar (or canola oil) and water is an effective home remedy for killing bees. The spray is effective when the bees are thoroughly wet by the solution which prevents them from flying and basically suffocates them. This is an ideal solution to take care of a few bees here and there but is not great for eliminating an infestation or hive.

3. Professional Bee Removal Services

It is important to realize that bees can pose a significant threat, especially in great numbers when they have become aggravated. Using home remedies or insecticide will get the bees to swarm and attack. Although one sting is painful, it is not serious unless a bee allergy exists. However, multiple stings from a swarm can result in a fatality in any person. Once again, small children are at greater risk.

It is therefore very important to asses the situation first and determine the severity of the problem. Always wear protective gear when dealing with bees to prevent multiple stings. It is highly recommended to call the professionals to deal with a bee problem, big or small, to reduce the risks involved.